Wednesday, 23 November 2011

China Glaze - Blonde Bombshell

So - I am more than a bit addicted to gold nail varnish, and the hunt for the perfect gold was the start of my nail varnish obsession. I don't think that owning 17 different golds is excessive, is it?

This is China Glaze's Blonde Bombshell, from the new Eye Candy 3D collection. This has a clear base, with tiny gold microglitter, large gold glitter, and some strips of a slightly bronzey gold bar glitter.  This is three coats with top coat.

cg blonde bombshell 5
I LOVE it!  These photos were taken in poor indoor light, and even then it's incredibly sparkly and shiny. In sunlight and in a bright office it looked absolutely amazing! Complete bling for nails!

cg blonde bombshell 7
The formula was nice. One coat was even but translucent - I bet this would look great layered over another colour, maybe a black or a dark purple or dark blue? Two coats was almost opaque, and three was completely opaque. I added two layers of topcoat, because the finish was quite rough to the touch. 

cg blonde bombshell 1
The best news is that although I was dreading removing this, thinking it would take a lot of remover and scrubbing, it just peeled off after two days! I was thinking about something else, and distractedly picking at the edge of one nail, and all of a sudden I had peeled it off in one whole piece! I attacked the others, and the same happened with all of them, so completely clean nails with no chemicals and no scrubbing - result!

cg blonde bombshell 2
The close up gives you a bit of an idea of the different glitter sizes in there.
cg blonde bombshell closeup 2

The Eye Candy collection also contains a similar varnish in pale pink, which I really want (they didn't have it in stock), a red and silver one which I also bought, and others in silver/blue, dark grey, and purpleyish colours. The last three didn't really appeal to me, but the red and the pink look amazing.


  1. Was your top coat SV, is that why it was so peely?

  2. No, it was Sally Hansen Insta Dri. I think it was so peely because I did three layers and then two layers of topcoat, and it all bonded together in one until it came off. It was fab.

  3. Thanks, me too! I'm a bit of a gold glitter addict, but this has gone straight to the top of my favourites!

  4. This. This is what I wanted to do with my nails for our work's party tonight, except nowhere in town has gold glitter even half that good.

    Instead I've gone for my snowbally Nails Inc Basil Street topped with Rimmel disco ball. It won't last long but it's wintery.

  5. Yours sounds good too. But yes, this gold is definitely worth looking for. Can you find it on a
    Amazon? My shop has sold out already.


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