Friday, 11 November 2011

Pink for Paris - China Glaze Reggae to Riches

I went to Paris with my mum for four days! It was lovely. For my nails though, it meant that I had to put something on them that would last from Sunday night to Thursday night - quite a challenge, as I normally change my nail varnish every other day or so.  I knew I was likely to get bored of one colour for that length of time, and I was concerned that none of my nail varnishes would last that long without chipping or peeling.

In the end I chose China Glaze Reggae to Riches, which I bought a few weeks back but hadn't really worn yet. 

Here it is before I went away. This is two coats, and a topcoat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri. 

reggae to riches 1

reggae to riches 2

It's a lovely shimmery pinky purple, with definite blue tones in certain lights. I found it really hard to capture that accurately in a photo. It went on beautifully, and was very smooth and shiny even before I added the topcoat.

I was really pleased with how well it lasted too - ok, I wasn't using my hands as much as in my normal daily life (no washing up, no typing, no opening tins of cat food) but it still lasted really well and didn't chip at all. There was a little bit of wear at the tips, but apart from that it still looked pretty much perfect by first thing this morning (Friday) when I took this:

reggae to riches 3

And I didn't get bored with it! I found myself looking at it quite a lot, it was so shiny and the colours kept changing beautifully in different lights. 

I bought four new polishes while I was away - I'm currently trying out my new Chanel Peridot - ooooh, it's nice!  I will post photos tomorrow.

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