Sunday, 11 December 2011

China Glaze - Marry a Millionaire

I've worn lots of nail varnishes recently that haven't made it to my blog, because of the entire rubbishness of the weather and the light these days. It's so hard to take decent photos of my nails when I leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark, and the light in my house just makes my nails look horrid!
cg marry a millionaire 4
Anyway, here's another one of the China Glaze Eye Candy collection. I now have FOUR of them, oops!  This is Marry a Millionaire. 
cg marry a millionaire 3
Marry a Millionaire is a clear base with lilac and purple glitter, and some green bar glitter. This is three coats. 
cg marry a millionaire 1

Marry a Millionaire is less dense than the other polishes in this collection that I've tried. Having said that, with three coats it looks perfectly opaque enough to wear on its own, it only looks a bit sparse in close up.
cg marry a millionaire 2

I swear it doesn't look that sparse in real life! It does look lovely and sparkly, and catches the light really effectively. I like it, but I think next time I might layer it over something dark.

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  1. So gougeous and sparkle!



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