Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Barry M Racing Green

I liked the Models Own Gold Rush, but I managed to chip a bit on a couple of the tips after one day, and I was bored as well, so I taped off the very bottoms of my nails with tip guides (about £2 for loads of them in Superdrug) and added a coat of Barry M's Racing Green.
green gold nails 7
I don't know why this isn't called British Racing Green!  Surely that's what the colour is called?
green gold nails 4
Anyway, it's a lovely thick polish, the green equivalent of the Barry M Navy or the Vivid Purple. There's a definite shimmer to it, and an inner glow that really reminds me of car paint.  The gold undereath helped in making this shimmer, but it does have a really pretty gleam to it on its own too.
green gold nails

These nails were incredibly shiny and lasted really well for two days at work.


  1. I keep trying to do this style but it always fails miserably.

    Do you have a link for the nail tips that you got in Superdrug?

  2. I bought mine ages ago, and I can't find anything on their website now. What I bought was a pack of about 90 curved sticky things, but unfortunately I don't seem to have the label any more, so I don't know who made it.

    I do know that Boots stock tip guides made by Nailene which seem to be the same thing. (Boots website currently closed)


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