Sunday, 22 January 2012

17 - Magnetized Nail Polish, Green

I don't have a good track record with magnetic nail varnish, so I wasn't holding out much hope for this. Around Christmas time I bought a (quite expensive) Nails Inc magnetic polish in a lovely gold colour. I think I expected it to look like a tiger's eye stone. But it was awful, and not only did NOTHING happen with the magnet, no effect whatsoever, but the polish by itself was also really ugly and rough and unpleasant. It was so bad that I took it back to Boots and got my money back. Nails Inc never did reply to my email asking about it... 

Anyway, this is my very first 17 nail varnish. This is the Boots own brand, and I had quite a bit of their makeup when I was in my teens (way back in the dark ages!) I did want to give magnetic polish another go, and there was no way I was giving any more money to Nails Inc for one.

This is 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Green. They also sell a silvery grey one, and a dark blue one, both of which look ok, but green is far more my thing. I would really like a dark burgundy red one! This was £5.99, significantly cheaper than the Nails Inc equivalent.

17 green magnetized 1
You apply the polish as normal, then immediately hold the lid, containing a magnet, over the nail. The polish dries very quickly, so this has to be done pretty quickly, or it's too late! I found that one coat had a pretty good effect, but that two coats was far better, with a far more defined difference between the two colours.  I did one normal coat which I allowed to dry, then did one nail at a time with the magnet. The initial colour is a greyish green with some shimmer to it, but the magnet turns it into curves of black and brighter green.

17 green magnetized 2
I love how it looks in the sunshine! 
17 green magnetized 3

(It's nice to have sunshine for once!)

17 green magnetized 5

The colours seem to move around when you move your nails in the light, the black moving up and down the nail a bit like a mirage. It's odd - in some lights this is really green, and in others it's very dark. I really like the effect. Next time I am going to experiment with holding the magnet at different angles, and maybe getting the curves going the other way, or vertically down the nail, just for a change.  But I love this, and will definitely wear it again.


  1. I'm surprised you tried again after the Nails Inc Incident!

    I'm not a fan of No 17 or No 7 nail varnishes as a rule as I don't like the brush and I think they are all a quick dry formula which doesn't seem to work for me in any brand (It goes all lumpy and draggy while I'm painting, yet doesn't properly dry for hours during which time I've invariably touched something. I'm blaming the cold hands phenomenon.) Weirdly though, Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat works wonderfully. *shrug*

    ANYWAY. Your Magnetic nails are coooooooooool.

  2. I thought I might as well try one more time. I am impressed. But yes, it did dry really really quickly.

  3. They do a red one in superdrugs "fashonista" range.

    The green in the fashonista range is IDENTICAL to this, so you should do well with it!

    I never had a problem with my purple nails inc though!

  4. Ooh, I'll have to look for that, thanks!

    I think the Nails Inc problem is just with the gold - a bit of googling has shown me that quite a few people have had problems with the gold.

  5. I've given the blue one a go, thanks to your inspiration. Quite nice, but I need a bit of practice, I smudged a couple and the first one I didn't put a thick enough coat on.

    It strikes me though that they're pretty similar look & feel to foils, so I wonder if ordinary foil polishes would work? Experimentation time, I think.

  6. I am pretty sure that normal foil polish wouldn't work. You can test it in shops by holding the magnet to a bottle though.

  7. I love love LOVE this :) I also own this and I think it's beautiful!! The effect in the light is fab!
    I too am going to try holding the magnet another way next time!
    And I want a dark red too!!

  8. Thanks! Yes, I thought about trying the magnet the other way round next time. have you seen the new China Glaze magnetic one? It comes with three different magnets, including a sunburst one. I can't find them in the UK yet, but I've seen them online...

    1. Where have you seen them? I can't find them available yet!!

    2. I've only seen them online - not in shops, on people's blogs. Maybe they were advance samples or something. I haven't seen anything about a release date yet, so maybe they're not out yet.

  9. I've just seen them, they look great. And theres a dark red one in it!! Going to go and investigate now...


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