Thursday, 26 January 2012

Barry M Croc Effects

I really don't like crackle and shatter nail varnishes - somehow for me they look too untidy and too uneven. I'm sorry! I know they're massive these days, but I just don't like them.

Yesterday though, I bought a Barry M Croc Effects one just to try, and I love it! I think it's because it's that bit neater and more even than the crackles.

barry m croc 7
Here it is over Barry M Tangerine, a nice shimmery bright orange.
barry m croc 6
With Croc Effects you have to apply it when your base colour is still a little damp. If you apply it over very dry polish, nothing much happens. The croc effect takes quite a while to appear - the bottle says 3 minutes, but depending on how thickly it's applied, it can take up to 5 minutes. 
barry m croc 3
You can see that my little finger looks a bit different to the others - I applied the croc effects on that one a bit more thickly, and it has cracked differently to the other nails. It also took a lot longer for the effect to develop.  For the other nails, I managed to apply the polish a lot more thinly, and I think it made a better effect in the end. Not only is the croc effect more pronounced, but I prefer the colour as it's not so intensely black, and seems a little more browny. 
barry m croc 5
The application was nice and easy once I'd got the hang of it - the first few nails I did, I put it on far too thickly, or over too-dry polish, and nothing happened, but after that it was pretty straightforward.  This was £3.99 from Superdrug, but I've also seen it in Boots.
barry m croc 4
I am planning to try it out over a gold foil next, and also over something like a nice bright pink. I still don't like crackles, but I am definitely a convert to croc effects! 


  1. I don't really like shatter either but I'm kind of into the croc effects. I went to buy it today and found when I was about to pay that my boyfriend had not put my card back in my purse! BOO!

  2. I really like Croc effects - it looks and feels much classier than crackles. I've had different effects each time I've used mine but found it looks best over really bright blue/pink 'pop' colours.

  3. BOOOO at thefty boyfriends! Preventing a girl from getting nail varnish is always a SERIOUS THING!

    Thanks for your comments! I'm definitely going to try it over a really bright pink next.


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