Monday, 30 January 2012

OPI Nice Stems

Here is a closer look at the jewellery I made yesterday from the OPI Nice Stems collection. 
nice stems 3
On my nails is two coats of Opi Be a Dahlia Won't You? and two coats of I Lily Love You.
nice stems 4
Be a Dahlia Won't You? is a lovely bright pink colour, with a gorgeous glass fleck. It's pretty stunning on its own - covers well, dries smooth and shiny, and looks very pretty. But when you cover it with I Lily Love You, I think it looks stunning!
nice stems 2
I Lily Love You is a clear bright pink jelly, with flecks of glitter and sparkle in all sorts of colours. The glitter isn't evenly shaped or sized - some is tiny, some is really big and pretty randomly shaped. I can see silver and pink and blue and yellowy gold in there, and it's incredibly sparkly!
nice stems 1
Because I struggled to get a decent photo of it this time round, here is a close up of Be a Dahlia Won't You? from last summer. This was before I started nail blogging, and I didn't know about tidying up my cuticles!
be a dahlia closeup
And this is how I Lily Love You looked in the sunshine last summer.
opi i lily love you

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