Sunday, 29 January 2012

More Jewellery!

So, I was so pleased with my last lot of nail varnish jewellery, that I ordered lots more cabochons, and made some more.

Click to enlarge any of these.

Here's what I made:

nail varnish jewellery

This is a pendant made of Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe.
jewel 4 across the universe

This is a pendant made of China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Here it is on my nails.
jewel 2 ruby pumps jewel 12 ruby pumps

This is another pendant and what will be a ring made of Opi's I Lily Love You (the glitter) over Opi's Be a Dahlia Won't You. I haven't worn this polish in a while, but I loved it last summer, and I can't wait to wear it again with a matching ring and pendant.
jewel 15 i lily love you jewel 13 i lily love you pendant jewel 7 i lily love you pendant

This is Zoya Blair - this is going to be a ring. Here it is on my nails.
jewel 14 blair

This will also be a ring. It's Deborah Lippmann's Forget you. Here it is on my nails. I'm not sure about this one - the polish is lovely, but under the glass it looks a bit disappointing to me.
jewel 1 forget you

This is going to be another ring, with China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. Here it is on my nails. I love this one!
jewel 11 emerald sparkle

Another ring. This is Opi's Crown Me Already.
jewel 3 crown me already

Another ring! This is Revlon's Facets of Fuschia.
jewel 6 facets of fuschia

This is another ring! This one is Chanel Peridot, which you can see on my nails here. I like how this has turned out, and it does show the different colours when it moves in the light.
jewel 10 peridot jewel 9 peridot jewel 8 peridot

Perhaps the most surprising one is this one:

This is Max Factor's Fantasy Fire, which in the bottle is a very sheer clear purple jelly with what looks like bright pink shimmer or glitter. This is two coats of that, over black. In the light it moves from orange to green, with tinges of blue and gold. It's mesmerising - and there's no purple or pink visible at all!
jewel 17 fantasy fire jewel 18 fantasy fire jewel 16 fantasy fire


  1. These are really cool! I'm going to try and make some :)

  2. I love how Fantasy Fire comes out in the jewellery - I can see the green & gold in the bottle, but on my nails its all pink & purple, strange stuff.

  3. It's weird isn't it? Crazy weirdly fascinating.

  4. I love this jewellery Elanor -- it's so pretty (Syd's sister Neen here)


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