Friday, 24 February 2012

OPI - I Have a Herring Problem

I'm a total sucker for buying OPI polishes that I really don't need, just because they have a cool and/or funny name. And I love a bad pun.  So I couldn't resist OPI's I Have a Herring Problem from the new Holland collection.  (I also really love the other names in the collection too, but this was the colour that was least like anything else I own, so this one won.)
i have a herring problem 5
This is three coats of I Have a Herring Problem, with Seche Vite topcoat. I could have got away with two coats without any trouble, but I wanted to add another just because.
i have a herring problem 3
Application is lovely - very smooth and even, usual OPI quality. This a gorgeous dusty slate grey-blue, with a lot of golden shimmer inside it, that really comes alive in the sunlight (not that I've seen a lot of that today!)

i have a herring problem 1

I wore it today with my Across the Universe ring.
i have a herring problem 6


  1. Great name, and such a lovely colour

    1. It's pretty isn't it? I love the names in this collection - there's a Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Thanks a Windmillion, I Don't Give a Rotterdam, A Roll in the Hague... and so on.


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