Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pacman Nails!

I was bored!

Left hand:
pacman nails

Right hand:
pacman nails 2
This took more nail varnish and general stuff than I've used all in one go! Base coat, then colour (Barry M Block Orange, Barry M Bright Pink, Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Barry M Yellow,and Rimmel Heart on Fire, Rimmel Black cab, Barry M Spring Green, plus a dotting tool, and tape with zigzag stickers, and a white nail art pen, AND topcoat.

I made a few boo boos - I added topcoat too early on some of them, and smeared the eyes a bit. They don't show at a normal distance, just in extreme close up really. And the cherry stems are a bit blobby. And the yellow dots aren't square, or even the same size. Oh well. I'm still pretty happy with how this turned out.


  1. The ghosties are my fave!

    1. Mine too! The blue one appears to be doing *rolly eyes*

      That was totally deliberate, obv.

  2. Ohhhh, way too cute! :) I'm thinking of doing a Super Mario one sometime...

  3. This is brilliant!! The ghosts and pacman r fab!!




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