Friday, 2 March 2012

Barry M - Lavender Hexograms

Because it was Friday, I added a coat of Barry M's Lavender Hexograms to my Lilac Foil.
lavender hexograms 2
I don't know why Lavender Hexograms is called that, because it doesn't contain any hexograms. Instead, it has lots of tiny lavender coloured micro glitter, and lots of big squares of very shiny lavender glitter. 
lavender hexograms 3
The tiny glitter doesn't really show here, because the base colour is so similar. It does make the nails very shiny though!  The large glitter is just gorgeous though, and the whole look is really shiny and pretty.
lavender hexograms 1
It's a shame that this glitter is quite hard to find (although you can buy it on Barry M's website) because it's SO pretty!  It looks great over a dark colour too.


  1. Lovely effect! I got my pendants by the way -- love them. Thanks so much!


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