Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rimmel - Oyster Pink

This is Rimmel's Oyster Pink. Boots are currently having a 3-for-2 on Rimmel nail varnishes, so I got this and a couple of others. 
oyster pink 5
I don't often wear this kind of pale colour, and I don't have any pearly finish nail varnish at all. 
oyster pink 4
This is a pretty very pale pink, with a pearl finish. It's pretty sheer - this is three coats, and there is still quite visible nail line.
oyster pink 3
I'm not at all keen on this, despite it being pretty. It's a bit too pale and nothingy for my taste. It also didn't dry or last well - several nails got dents and bumps within a couple of hours (you can see some here, within minutes of painting), and I ended up taking it all off again.
oyster pink 2

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