Friday, 9 March 2012

Barry M Raspberry

This has been sitting on my shelf for months and months, since I bought it and never got round to trying it out on its own!
raspberry 5
This is Barry M Raspberry. This is two coats, with topcoat, although to be honest, one coat would have been enough, and it didn't need topcoat to make it shiny.
raspberry 3
This is an absolutely gorgeous dark berry pink, almost red really.  It's a great consistency, and the normal good Barry M brush. It goes on really well - smooth and even, and no bare patches at all. 
raspberry 4
It's also REALLY glossy.  
raspberry 2
I absolutely loved this colour, and wore it alone for two days.

The tips then started to get a bit of wear, so I added silver tips with Rimmel Your Majesty. Just for a change, rather than adding straight tips, I used curved tip guides and put them on diagonally. 
raspberry + your majesty 4
I loved how this looked, and got several comments from people about these today.
raspberry + your majesty 3

raspberry + your majesty 2

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