Tuesday, 6 March 2012

China Glaze - Marry a Millionaire (again)

I decided to add China Glaze's Marry a Millionaire over the top of yesterday's Ultra Violet, as that was wearing slightly at the tips, but I wasn't ready to remove it. 
marry a millionaire 2
I posted about Marry a Millionaire back in December, when I bought it. I liked it then, but wasn't mad keen on it, and hadn't worn it since.
marry a millionaire 1
Here is one coat of Marry a Millionaire over Rimmel's Ultra Violet.  I think this looks much better than Marry a Millionaire on its own!  You get the full effect of the bling and sparkle in one coat instead of three, and instead of bare patches, you have the pretty purple of the base underneath.
marry a millionaire 4
Marry a Millionaire has tiny glitter in pink and purple, and long strands of bar glitter in green and (I think) purple. 
marry a millionaire 3
I wore this with my current favourite ring - this is made with Barry M Vivid Purple and Barry M Once Upon a Time. Several people stopped me to compliment my nails and my ring today! I must be doing something right!
marry a millionaire + ring


  1. Ohmigosh that ring is AMAZING.

    *stares with poppy out eyes, transfixed*

    Also have you done something with your blog? It's suddenly much easier to see on my mobile.

    1. Lol, thanks!

      I haven't done anything other than move the tags from a cloud at the bottom to a list at the side.

  2. How fun! And with the ring doubly so! =)

    1. Thanks!

      I'm waiting for something in the post, and then I'll be able to post your parcel! Any day now, yay!


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