Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Garnet Lapis Jewellery

Oh my!  If you thought that Garnet Lapis looked amazing on nails yesterday, now look at it as a ring and a pendant!

I am totally in love with this colour! Click to enlarge any of these.

garnet lapis ring 7 garnet lapis ring 6 garnet lapis ring 4 garnet lapis ring 1

garnet lapis pendant 8 garnet lapis pendant 7 garnet lapis pendant 6
garnet lapis pendant 4 garnet lapis pendant 5


  1. Oh my gooses. I'm so so so glad I sent it you.

    There's going to be a couple of the holo ones headed your way, I snagged a load, and some are too similar to justify keeping them all, and he'd actually got dupes of one of them, so I'm happy to find them loving new homes.

    1. And to think, it would have sat festering in a bargain shop for years if you hadn't rescued it!

      And ooooh! How exciting! :D

  2. I am fascinated by the rings and pendants you have made. I am *obsessed* with Garnet Lapis nail polish and have a lot of bottles in my collection for future use. If you would ever consider selling any of your jewelry please let me know! I am from the USA but... would gladly pay for it :)

    1. Thanks! Garnet Lapis does make gorgeous jewellery! People always ask me about it when I wear it. I only have one bottle and it's not full, so I ration it on my nails, but the jewellery lasts for ever, yay!

      I don't know how easy it would be to accept a payment from the US, but maybe a swap could work? I know there are lots of things available over there that we can't get... Whereabouts are you?

  3. I live in south Florida and I could swap some more of the nailpolish if you want. I have like four bottles of garnet lapis I've bought when I realized they were being discontinued. Email me at if you want to consider this trade!


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