Monday, 12 March 2012

OPI - A Roll in the Hague

This is another one of OPI's spring Holland-themed collection, A Roll in the Hague. I do love a bad pun!  I'm also a big fan of orange nail varnish.
roll in the hague 4
This is a gorgeous, vibrant, bright orange creme, with a jelly-ish quality to it. This is two coats with topcoat.
roll in the hague 2
I absolutely love this colour! It's so cheerful and vibrant, and it's great coverage. The formula is quite thick and very smooth, and even though there's still a little visible nail line in some lights, I'm really happy.
roll in the hague 1
I also made this into a pendant - this is A Roll in the Hague with two China Glaze glitters on top. Golden Enchantment is a tiny gold holo glitter, which I painted all over the cabochon, and Solar Flare is a gorgeous large gold glitter, which I painted along the bottom of the pendant only.
roll in the hague pendant 2

roll in the hague pendant 3


  1. That pendant is fantastic, I totally want one!

    1. Reeeeeally? Well maybe if you speak nicely to someone... ;)


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