Tuesday, 20 March 2012

USA Swap 1 - Milani Purple Rush

I couldn't wait to try out my American polishes, and it was so hard to decide which to use first! But based on what top I was wearing to work the next day (ie which one was clean and didn't need ironing!) I picked Milani Puple Rush.
purple rush 4
This claims to be a 'High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Formula' - and it really was!  The application is quite thick, and was a bit tricky to start with, because it dried almost instantly! This meant that my first few nails became a bit lumpy, but coverage was very opaque. Because of the unevenness on my first nails, I went for two coats anyway, and added topcoat for extra shine, but I'm sure one coat will be enough next time.
purple rush 3
This is a gorgeous dark purple foil, with bright sparks of pink in there in bright light. I didn't have much access to sunshine today, but the evening sun did show a little bit of this pink sparkle.
purple rush 5

Then this evening, just for the hell of it, I also added a coat of the Finger Paints Asylum, which is a flakie unlike any I've seen in the UK. Instead of the usual orange, the flakes seem blue and pink, and go really well with the purple colour of the Milani - it seems all firey and alive to me!
purple rush + asylum 2

purple rush + asylum 1

So the first two polishes of the batch = SUCCESS!


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  2. Woah! I am SO putting Asylum over a purple!
    Love that combo!

    1. It wasn't easy to photograph, but it does look amazing in the light.

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