Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Amazing USA Swap!

I made a new friend recently through Twitter, and based around nail varnish! The lovely @ari_kostan and I had a transatlantic nail varnish swap!  It was so much fun to do, and so exciting!
us box 6
Yesterday my parcel arrived, and despite our cautious little budget, she sent me LOOOADS of stuff! Look at all the goodies!
us box 7
There's a China Glaze Christmas set thing, with a sparkly bauble and a gold foil (Champagne Bubbles) and a lovely dark silver/black glitter (Tinsel Town). 
us box 5
There are three amazing looking Milani polishes, a bright green foil (Racy Green), a bright purple foil (Purple Rush) and a bright blue foil that looks as though it has purple flashes in (Blue Lightening). 
us box 4
There's a cute little Orly bright red (that I can't read the label of because of being blind!) and an AMAZING looking Finger Paints flakie (Asylum) with flakes that seem to be pink and blue, rather than the more standard orange. 
us box 8
There are two stunning looking glitters from Sinful Colors - a bright greeny blue one (Nail Junkie) and a gorgeous gold and bronzey glitter (All About You) that reminds me of the Hunger Games China Glaze one that I have my eye on, Electrify. 
us box 2
And then last but not least, there's a Wet and Wild Party of 5 Glitters, which looks like a brighter, more colourful Happy Birthday!

What an amazing present!  I'm so excited about them all!   
us box 3


  1. Wowzer!! I demand you blog like a DEMON for all of those. A DEMON. I'm looking forward to the finger paints one.

  2. Your photos came out beautiful! I simply had the most amazing 'shopping luck' for this swap. The only things I got for regular price was the Finger Paints. Everything else was on clearance. Even the Sinfuls were on sale that week-- and they're always affordable at the drug store. Anyhoo, I supposed you wouldn't mind I did that. More bang for the buck. ;-)

    Now for some random notes... just some things I couldn't say before, so as not to spoil the 'package surprise'. LOL!

    I own the "Belle of the Ball" set and love it- which is why I knew you had to have it. ;-) I've especially gotten compliments wearing "Tinsel Town".

    With the Milanis I was unsure about the 'high speed' bit-- I don't care for varnish that's billed as fast-dry. But those colors were just too gorgeous to pass up.

    The wee Orly is "Ma Cherie". They packaged 3 minis for the holidays in a plastic candycane, super cute-like. Normally I don't do minis but I couldn't resist "Androgyne" in there. (Google it! It's crazy-gorgeous!) Since a good red is always good to have, I got "Ma Cherie" full-sized when I found it on clearance later on. Thus you now come to own my mini. ;-)

    Yes! I choose Sinful "All About You" precisely because it was reminiscent of the Hunger Games color you mentioned.

    In short (cause yeah, my comment is so short ;-) I'm delighted to have found you thru the twitter'verse (I'm so lucky!). I'm very happy you liked my varnish selections. (I ♥♥♥ all of mine!) Now I can't wait to see you swatch them all. ;-)

    1. Sales shopping always a bonus, yay!

      Tinsel Town looks fab - I'm also wondering whether it would look good matte, and maybe whether it would also then look like the Hunger Games Stone Cold...

      I'm with you about the fast dry polishes, but these look amazing colour wise. The fast dry takes a bit of getting used to, you have to work really fast!

      I've never seen full sized Orlys here - we have the tiny ones but they're very pricey! That red looks so nice and bright and rich.

      That's so funny that we both thought the same thing about the All About You glitter!

      I'm still excited about the pile of new bottles on my shelf!


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