Saturday, 7 April 2012

Barry M Extravaganza!

I got a bit carried away today and bought 12 bottles of nail varnish! They weren't ALL for me, but most of them were. I now have... um... lots.   It occurred to me that I have a LOT of Barry M, and I wanted to see what they'd all look like together.

barry m pyramid

Look! I love how colourful they are.

Top to bottom, left to right, they are: Gold Foil, Gold, Croc Effects, Silver Foil, Block Orange, Coral, Mushroom, Spring Green, Cobalt Blue, Dusky Mauve, Once Upon a Time, Lavender Hexograms, Strawberry Ice Cream, Pink Iridescent, Bright Pink, Tangerine, Yellow, Racing Green, Blueberry Ice Cream, Navy, Vivid Purple, Bright Purple, Berry Ice Cream, Lilac Foil, Flamingo, Shocking Pink, Raspberry. (Oops! I missed out Red Glitter!) 

Edit, February 2013: I've noticed that this post is one of my most viewed for some reason! Thank you for all the views. If you liked this, then you probably need to see this update post, ten months later. I have... one or two more! Click here to see! 


  1. Love this! And I notice you have a coral... hmmm... *strokes chin*

  2. What did you buy? I need to know about your new purchases!

    1. I got Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Flamingo, Bright Purple and Shocking Pink, and Models Own Copperpot, Pinky Brown and Pink Cocktail, and some other stuff for a friend. I'm sure I'll be blogging them soon.

      In fact I am wearing a pink Barry M ombre right now - I'll post about it here later.

    2. Oh, and Models Own Purple Haze too, I forgot that.

  3. Thats amazing! Do you have any pics of your whole collection? I love seeing those :)

    1. I don't think I've posted any on here, but I did take some a while back...

      There's this one:
      but that was last July, and I've bought more since then...

      Or there are these:

      But looking at those - omg my shelves look sparse! I have far more now. Maybe it's time I took more photos.


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