Friday, 6 April 2012

Milani - Blue Lightening + Fantasy Fire!

This is another of my American polishes.  This is Milani's Blue Lightening. I think someone at Milani can't spell! I'm assuming that they meant 'lightning', as the others in the range also have speedy names (Purple Rush, Racy Green). 
blue lightening 1
This is another of the fast dry one coat range. One coat probably would have done, but I did two anyway, just because I felt like it. 
blue lightening 4
Anyway, isn't this just the BLUEST polish ever? I mean - look how BLUE it is!  Wowsers!
blue lightening 5
It's a gorgeous GORGEOUS deep blue, full of sparkly glass fleck glitter. There's a definite purple duochrome flash in the bottle, but it doesn't show on the nail at all. I don't care though, it's still beautiful!
blue lightening 3

Despite this being gorgeous, after a day I thought I'd try something else. So I added a coat of Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. Ohhhh yes! Fantasy Fire is so versatile, I haven't found a colour it doesn't suit yet.
blue lightening + fantasy fire

blue lightening + fantasy fire 2


  1. Aawww- shame the duochrome flash doesn't show up on the nail. But the color is gorgeous none the less. =)


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