Thursday, 12 April 2012

Models Own - Copperpot

When I saw the swatches online of the Models Own Beetlejuice collection, I was a bit disappointed (apart from Scrangie's of course, they always look amazing) and decided not to buy them after all. Then I saw some in person (in Boots, £5 each) and couldn't resist! They looked so pretty!
copperpot 1
This is Models Own Copper Pot - three coats, with topcoat.
copperpot 4
This isn't as much of a duochrome as it could be, but it's SO pretty that I don't care. This a lovely warm shade of coppery gold. There's a green shade to it in certain lights, although it's not very obvious. But look how rich and shimmery it is in the sunlight!
copperpot 6
Don't look at where I dented my index finger!
copperpot 8
Application was fine - maybe a bit thin, and definitely needing three coats to be opaque. The first coat was very very sheer, and I almost considered layering it. But it went on evenly, dried quickly, and stayed shiny.
copperpot 7

copperpot 5


  1. Pretty! I wondered why it was part of the beetlejuice set, when it doesn't look to be anywhere near the duochrome of the others, but it's lovely!

    1. It does look duochromey in the bottle - greeny bronzey orangey - but that doesn't really translate to the nail sadly. It's still pretty though.


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