Saturday, 9 June 2012

Barry M Pink Chameleon

This is the latest thing from Barry M - Chameleon colour changing nail polish. I got all excited, as I've never heard of such a thing. These are colours that change when a clear topcoat is applied over the top.  There are three colours in the range, Blue, Pink and Lilac. I bought Blue and Pink (they didn't have Lilac) and are currently only available in Superdrug, at £3.99 each. They'll be in Boots by the middle of next week too.

This is one coat of the Pink without any topcoat. It's a very smooth, pigmented colour that covers really well in one coat and dries fairly quickly.
pink chameleon before
I then faffed around trying out different things with each nails. My little finger and ring finger were attempts at doing things with tape. Not hugely successful as I found the tape pulled off bits of the base colour, and made it a bit lumpy (you can see that on my ring finger). Normally when I'm doing something with tape, I'd use Seche Vite first, so that the tape doesn't pull off the colour - obviously not something I can do here. 
pink chameleon after 2
The spots on my middle finger were done with a dotting tool. I'm moderately happy with them, but as the dots are going on clear, and then developing colour afterwards, it wasn't always easy to tell how big the dot was until afterwards. If I'm dotting with an actual colour, it's definitely easier to get the dots the same size.   My index finger was done with a glitter topcoat (OPI Pirouette My Whistle) which is a clear base with white and silver glitter. I wanted to see what glitter did with this polish. 

Overall, I thought this was a fairly cool toy to play with for a bit, but it's not something I'm likely to use very much to be honest. If I want dotted/stripy nails or French tips, I can do them with contrasting nail varnish anyway, and I can put topcoat on to protect them afterwards. Maybe this is meant for people who don't own a million different nail polishes, I don't know. But after the initial excitement, I'm rather disappointed. 



  1. I read about these earlier on this week too...I liked the lilac one the best.

    Not sure if its something I would use either to be honest, like you I would just use a contrasting nail varnish.

    1. I'm sure I would have bought the lilac one too if they'd had it!

      I love the idea, and I'm fascinated with how it works, but overall I have to say I don't really see the point.

  2. I too was excited but a touch disappointed. Think that was down to me owing too many polishes. This was the only shade I didnt pick up and I am sort of regretting it!

    1. If you have 'too many polishes' then you probably have a pink and a purple that you could use to get exactly the same effect, except you'd be able to put topcoat on, so don't regret it too much!


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