Friday, 1 June 2012

China Glaze Pool Party

This week has been mostly hot and sunny, and I've had an uncontrollable urge to wear neon nail varnish. I didn't have any, so I chose two from my local shop. They had lots of this year's China Glaze Summer Neons collection, and from 2011's Poolside neon collection. I bought Pool Party from last year's, and Beach Cruise-r from this year's.
pool party french 3
First I wore Pool Party as a French mani, with Opi's Heart Throb as a base colour. I quite liked this, but I made a bit of a mess placing the French tip guides, and there is still some of my own nail tips showing, which looks a bit messy. Still, it only really showed if you looked very closely.
pool party french 1
The next day I changed to a whole coat of Pool Party. This is a fairly sheer neon, that dries quite matte and very smooth. This is three coats, with topcoat for glossiness.  It's very hard to photograph!
pool party 4
The colour is hugely bright! It's pink, honest, although it looks more reddish on my nails in these photos. It does look different on the nails from the way it looks in the bottle though. But I absolutely love how this looks in the sunlight, with a (for me) tan! I don't tan easily, this is about as brown as I get.  
pool party 5

pool party 2

I am getting used to my new square nail shape. It feels a bit odd sometimes, especially now they're getting a bit longer, and when the corners sometimes catch things. But they feel more grown up than my old rounded nails.

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