Sunday, 3 June 2012

Crucible Theatre Nails - aka Chevron Skittles

I am lucky enough to live within a 20 minute drive of Sheffield's wonderful Crucible Theatre. I've been going there since I first lived in Sheffield in the mid 1990s, and even though I don't live in Sheffield any more, I'm close enough that it's easy to get there.  
crucible 2
I have spent many MANY hours watching snooker at the Crucible (it's an absolutely wonderful snooker venue!) but probably almost as many there for plays. I have been a keen theatre goer since the early 80s - I have so many fabulous memories!

The Crucible is a very special theatre. It's 40 years old this year, and has had a major revamp over the last few years. As a venue for plays, the auditorium is wonderful - there is no bad seat in the house. The thrust stage means that nobody is ever more than 20 metres away from the actors. It's a very intimate and powerful place. I absolutely love the energy you can feel when you walk in.

I've seen so many wonderful productions there over the years. I think the very first was a production of David Copperfield (the Dickens novel, not the magician!) where the auditorium was completely transformed with boats everywhere. I've seen many wonderful Shakespeare productions (Kenneth Branagh on a rack in Richard III, camp sailors dancing in Twelfth Night, Sam Troughton with painted toenails in As You Like It, a Russian production of Winter's Tale, complete with surtitles...) I loved Marlowe's Edward II with Joe Fiennes, Moliere's Don Juan with tiny and lovely Tom Hollander... Last year I loved the production of Company, starring the Crucible's wonderful artistic director, Daniel Evans (not to mention one of my favourite theatre moments in recent years, Samantha Spiro singing the fastest song I have EVER heard and yet being entirely understandable - and funny - at every point). 

Last night I went to see Pinter's Betrayal, with John Simm. It was magnificent;  not the most jolly of plays, although there were some funny moments, but truly excellent. The whole cast were excellent, but I especially loved Ruth Gemmell, she was really moving.

The Crucible is wonderful. The staff are great - many have been there for years, and they're always so helpful, friendly and human. The bar is nice. There are lots of ladies' toilets (with recycled wellies as a splashback behind the sinks, no less) which is unusual for a theatre. There is a jazzy carpet. The prices are good (none of this London £50-a-ticket malarkey!) and the restaurant is fabulous. 
chevron skittle 2
ANYWAY, this is meant to be a nail blog, so here are the nails! If you've been to the Crucible, you will recognise these as the entry doors from the bar area to the auditorium. If not, then this is a skittle chevron tape mani. I used Barry M Cobalt, Bright Purple and Bright Green, OPI Roll in the Hague, Orly Ma Cherie and Rimmel Black Out.  I swear that the bleeding on the colours isn't visible in real life. Either that, or I'm going blind!


  1. Oo smart!

    I love that you did nails inspired by doors!

    1. It had to be done. I can't find a photo of the doors for you I'm afraid.

  2. This post keeps suggesting itself as something else I would like. And it keeps on making me smile. Only you could do a mani of the Crucible doors.

    1. What better thing to do a mani of?

      I'll do them again, only better, next April.


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