Monday, 11 June 2012

Triangle Tape Mani

Yesterday's Beach Cruise-r was getting a bit worn on the tips, so I taped them off and added a coat of China Glaze Stone Cold. 
beach cruise-r + stone cold 1
I am really pleased with this!  I've also discovered that apparently the way to photograph this neon is to hold my hand right up underneath a light bulb! This is far more colour-accurate than yesterday's post. I found that outdoor photos left the neon looking very washed out.
beach cruise-r + stone cold 2
What do you reckon?


  1. There's something sort of eye like about them. I don't know why though cos I've never seen a pink eye with a triangle pupil.

    *insightful post*

    Is the stone cold one textured?

  2. Stone Cold is a new favourite of mine! :) Nice taping!

  3. I am loving these neons! Your stone cold looks much more granite-y than mine -- maybe because I have only worn mine on my toes, too far away to see?

    1. Thanks!

      Could be that - or have you been using moisturiser or anything? That can de-mattify a matte.

  4. definitely a unique look. you know something else i have heard around the nail blogging world is to better photograph the true colors of neons, take a photo of your hand while it's under water. i cannot attest to how well this works, however, since i don't do neons (yet) :)

    1. Ooh, that's a great idea, thank you! I will try it next time.


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