Monday, 30 July 2012

Barielle - Elle's Spell

I was on a no-buy of nail varnish, what with having far too many, and being a bit broke. But I popped in to TKMaxx and ended up buying NINE bottles. It would have been madness not to. I got a set of 4 Nails Inc (sparkly shiny ones with duochromey bits in, I think) for £14.99 and a set of 5 Barielles (never tried them before, there are 4 foils and a goooorgeous glittery red, Elle's Spell) for £9.99.
elle's spell 4
This is Elle's Spell. It's a lovely crimson jelly full of red-gold glittery flakes. This is one coat of a plain red creme (Rimmel Heart on Fire) and then two coats of Elle's Spell.  Excuse the shrinking at the tips - I assume this was the Seche Vite effect. 
elle's spell 2
This looks amazing in sunlight - but sadly I didn't get time to take photos in the sun before I left for work, and by the time I came home it was overcast.
elle's spell 3
This is my first Barielle polish, and I like it! Nice bottle, nice brush, nice application. Nothing to blow me away, but nothing to complain about. And what a gorgeous colour! I love how it glows gold and firey in the sunlight.
elle's spell 1


  1. The color is GORGEOUS! Def one of my lemmings, for sure.

    1. I won't be back over there for a couple of weeks, but next time I'll look again for you.

      I have a bunch of stuff for you anyway - we'lll have to talk.

  2. Jealous you found these! The TK Maxx near me only ever has Barielle cremes!

  3. Very pretty, never seen Barielle in our one. Gotta love TK Maxx bargains!

    1. It's nice isn't it? It's the first time I've seen Barielle there too.

  4. I've only ever seen cremes, nudes & "wedding collections" from Barielle in our TK Maxx. I'm also meant to be on a no-buy, and that was before uncovering the second half of King Tut's Nail Hoard in the pound shop.

    Will email you, there's 4 definites for you, and if you want to choose some of the others it would do my guilty conscience the world of good!


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