Sunday, 29 July 2012

Claire's Mood Color Changing Nail Polish - Hyper/Relaxed

Ok, I couldn't wait for my nails to grow a bit! Here's Hyper/Relaxed. 
hyper relaxed 2
This is two coats, with topcoat. Hyper/Relaxed is a deep blue shimmery polish. It moves from a bright aqua-teal shade when it's hot, to a very dark blue when it's cold. 

This is cold (after being in ice water):
hyper relaxed 6
This is hot, with the tips showing darker where the heat isn't reaching:
hyper relaxed 1
Left finger has been on an ice cube, right finger under the hot tap:
hyper relaxed 5
The colour changes really quickly - these were warm and paler, but I held an ice cube over them and the cold water drops turned the polish very dark blue immediately.
hyper relaxed 3
I love this! Application was smooth, and the brush was nice. It dried very quickly, so it did go a bit lumpy on a couple of nails, but it was nothing that Seche Vite can't handle. I can't say the wear was very good, it did start chipping and peeling after a day, but as I rarely wear nail varnish that long anyway, that doesn't bother me.


  1. This is great! I bet you can't get anything done for warming your nails up and cooling them down again.

    1. It's gone now (boo!) but yes, I did spend a large portion of the day holding ice cubes and cups of tea, and washing each hand under a different tap. Maybe that's why it chipped and peeled!


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