Saturday, 28 July 2012

Claire's Mood Colors!

Since I first started reading nail blogs a couple of years ago, I have WANTED the Claire's colour changing Mood Colors that you can only get in the States. 

This week, due to a very exciting swap with a lovely American lady (I sent her some Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis jewellery) I now have FIVE of these beauties!  Look! How exciting!
mood colors parcel

I haven't really tried these out properly yet, as my nails are currently very short, and I want them to be a bit longer to get the full effect of the colour change at the tips. I have had a play though, and so far, the blue one (Hyper/Relaxed) and the purple one (Calm/Wild) have the biggest colour change. They dry very matte, and cover pretty well in one coat.

mood colors parcel 2

Proper post coming up once my nails are a touch longer!

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