Saturday, 14 July 2012

OPI Be a Dahlia Won't You

I've mentioned this before, but not actually written about it on its own.
be a dahlia 1
This is OPI's Be a Dahlia Won't You? - two coats plus topcoat. 
be a dahlia 2
Be a Dahlia is a bright pink polish with a lovely glass fleck finish. It really shines in the sunlight (of which we actually had a couple of days this week! I know - amazing!) and I love how this looks.
be a dahlia 3
Here it is in closeup.
be a dahlia closeup
Be a Dahlia Won't You? was part of the Summer 2011 Nice Stems collection. This and I Lily Love you were the only two I bought.  I wore Be a Dahlia for a day on its own, then added a coat of I Lily Love You.
i lily love you 1
I Lily Love You is a pink tinged sheer jelly with lots of shiny glitter flakes in varying colours and sizes. Some of the flakes are very random shaped, and move from gold to purple in the light. It's very pretty on its own, and over dark colours, but this is one coat over Be a Dahlia Won't You?


  1. Pretty! I really like it when OPI does their 'glass/shimmer/fleck' thing that they do so well. =)

    1. Yep, it's a lovely quality as per usual with OPI.

  2. Soooo pretty with the flakies on top! I'm currently wearing Zoya Gilda on my toes, which looks to be a similar shade to Dahlia.

    1. I haven't tried Gilda, but in photos it certainly does look similar. I really like Dahlia on my toes in summer, it lasts so well too.


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