Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rimmel Ultraviolet + Black Tips

Oh! I just realised that I took these photos and then forgot to post them.
ultraviolet black tips 5
Earlier this week I wore Rimmel Ultraviolet for a day (previous post about it here) and then when the tips started to shrink a bit, I added some black (Rimmel Black Out) using hole reinforcement stickers. I put the stickers quite far up (down?) the nails so that the black was on more than just the tips really.  
ultraviolet black tips 3
I liked this look, and several people at work complimented me.
ultraviolet black tips


  1. Yes! Now I know! We need an fab superheroe chic in a movie with mani *just like this one*. Like the Black Widow. Girl can pull a trigger AND have sexy-evil nails. ;-)


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