Friday, 3 August 2012

My First False Nails!

These were an impulse buy in Boots the other day. Well, not really a BUY, as I got them free with my Boots points, but an impulse selection.

I don't usually wear false nails, because well, why would I want to? My own nails are pretty healthy and strong, and I enjoy the painting procedure. But I saw these, and they were so shiny and so free, that I got them. These are Elegant Touch's limited edition "Queenie Rocks" false nails, seen here on the Boots website
falsies 1
I found it quite hard to select the right sizes for my nails, even though there were loads of spares and lots of different sizes. Apparently my nails are too narrow and long, and the cuticle shape is too curved at the bottom. Many of the nails were just too wide, or the ones that fitted the width were so straight across the bottom that they left a curve of nail clear round the cuticle (especially on my middle and ring fingers). Getting a nail to fit my index finger's width meant that it feels really long - my ring finger nails are almost exactly the same length as the false ones, but the index finger falsies are far longer than my actual nails. 
falsies 2

Anyway, now I've got them all on, they look pretty and shiny, and they don't feel TOO weird. It does feel odd though, and washing up wasn't as easy as it normally is! 
falsies 3
I'll see how I get on - I'm not sure how long these will last before I want to get rid of them, and I'm a bit anxious about what the glue has done to my nails! 


  1. I couldn't cope with false nails. They look really pretty though!

    1. Thanks! I don't know if I can cope yet. There are bits that aren't glued down and my hair keeps catching in them.


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