Friday, 3 August 2012

Ooh, an Award!

The lovely Jane over at Hen's Nest nominated me for an AWARD!


1. Thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog.

Well durr! Thank you Jane! Although I don't need to be told to thank someone, I'm British for goodness sake!  Anyway, I 'met' Jane (of brand new sparkly nail blog Hen's Nest) through the Digital Spy forums, more of which later.

2. Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?

I have been interested in nail varnish for a few years. I started by reading lots of nail blogs. Then I started taking photos of my nails and putting them on Flickr. Then I started putting them on our shiny Nail Varnish thead on Digital Spy. The thread has been going for 16 months, has 79,000 page views and is nearly 40 pages long. Then I started thinking that I might as well blog, and that although I'd never be as amazing as people like the Sammersaurus or Scrangie or Jane at Nailside, I still had something to offer. I continue it because it's fun.

3. Describe a usual day in your life.

I get woken up at 5 am by a hungry cat. Once she's fed, I go back to sleep for a bit. Then I drag myself up to make a coffee and lie in a bath for half an hour until I've woken up. Then I go to work and tap away at a computer until it's time to come home and feed a hungry cat and paint my nails again. Sometimes I do exciting things like watching snooker, jumping up and down at Bruce Springsteen concerts, or tangoing with young men.

4. The best collaboration with a blogger.

I've never done one. Or not yet. But I have done SWAPS with American ladies who've found me through my blog, that's been amazing. 
5. The worst collaboration with a blogger.

I have no experience of this. But nail bloggers are lovely - how could there be a bad collaboration? And if there was, I doubt I'd share it publicly, sorry.

6. Describe what having a blog means to you.
It means I spend far too many hours taking photos of my nails, then tidying up my cuticles and taking them again. It means I have far too much knowledge of nail varnish, and have been known to stop people at work or in shops to ask them what they're wearing (or more often, to check that what I suspect they're wearing is correct). It means that I have a hard-drive that's rapidly filling up with photos of my own hands. And it means that I have something to do of an evening that is more productive than eating biscuits.

7. Nominate five some other bloggers.
 There are LOTS of blogs that I love - see my list over there >>>
I'm not going to nominate most of them, because they're long-established blogs with hundreds or thousands of followers, and they don't need my help, lovely as they are!  Everyone on my side bar COULD have an award, because they're all awesome. However, I'm going to nominate bloggers I really like who've also not been going that long instead. So:

Ariadne Elise over at Ever Belle's Mani-fest. She posted a plea on Twitter for some Max Factor Fantasy Fire, I replied, and we started a lovely series of swaps of UK-US polishes. After a while, she got sucked in to blogging too!

Alice at One Nail to Rule Them All. She has some beautifully neat nail art, and I especially love her cartoons. 

A Wig Wam is Not a Teepee. She has make-up as well as nails, a sense of humour, and some lovely photography. And poached eggs, yum!

So U Nails & Such. She's an almost brand new blogger, but already has loads of creative ideas, and really nice photos.  


  1. Awww thanks for the nomination, it's very sweet! (does the nomination mean I post this on my blog and follow the directions?)

    1. Yep! Copy/paste, and stick the 'award' somewhere in your sidebar/toolbar too if you want to. :)

    2. Will do and thanks again! :D


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