Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis - and a Mystery! (Turquoise Opal?)

I have posted about Garnet Lapis before - see here and here

This week my friend Lorraine sent me ANOTHER "Garnet Lapis". It was unlabelled, but looked just the same as her Garnet Lapis and mine (both labelled). However, once I started looking at my two bottles together, I started to doubt myself, and to see differences. The new bottle (on the left) has a bright green tinge in certain lights that the original (labelled) bottle does not.
garnet lapis comparison 1
To compare, I swatched both. At one coat, they looked identical. At two, they looked identical. But at four - they did not! It was really hard to capture the difference on camera, but it was really clear in real life.

I didn't get round to doing a clean up on these, as I wanted to grab the sunshine while I could. My apologies for the mess round my cuticles!

L-R is definite Garnet Lapis over black, definite Garnet Lapis alone (4 coats), 'new' Garnet Lapis? alone (4 coats) and 'new' Garnet Lapis? over black.  
garnet lapis comparison 2

garnet lapis comparison 3
As you can see, the colours are very very similar, especially worn alone. But there is a definite difference I think, especially over black. The mystery potential Garnet Lapis is greener, and the one that definitely is Garnet Lapis is bluer. 

In many photos I took, these two polishes look identical. In the right angles and lights, when the purple is showing, the colour is the same. But twist my hand a bit, change the light, and one looks distinctly green, and the other looks distinctly blue. 
garnet lapis comparison 5
Here they are again, the mystery colour on my little and ring fingers, the definite one on my middle and index fingers.

So, I am concluding that I think the new polish is NOT Garnet Lapis, unless there were two slightly different versions, which I don't think is the case. It may be Turquoise Opal, but without an expert opinion, I can't say. 

What does everyone else think?  Any ideas?  At the end of the day, who cares what the colour is called, they're both GORGEOUS!


  1. i agree, they are both beautiful, both alone and over the black, but i can definitely see the difference in color shift between the two

    1. Thanks! I was starting to think I was going mad - is there a difference? Isn't there? Or is there? No, there isn't! Yes, there is! Aargh!

      I think I should just go on and wear them!

  2. Turquoise Opal or Platinum Plum, both have a greeny tinge.

    I hadn't realised (because I hadn't looked) that they're different issues as well. The "new" one is the Canadian issue, bilingual, and the "old" one is the American. There's more in the new bottle too! It could be as simple as coming from different labs.

    1. Yes, from looking on NailXchange I'd just realised that all my first batch were American versions, and all my new batch are Euro/Canadian versions. I was hoping that the number codes on the new ones would help, but they don't seem to be.

      I can't understand how they fit more in the bottle! They look the same size!


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