Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Diamond

My lovely friend Lorraine over at Squeaky Baby has some kind of nail varnish sixth sense, and TWICE now she's found a stash of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - those gorgeous, and long discontinued sparkly holographic and sometimes duochrome polishes - in bargain basements. Last time she sent me Blush Diamond, Golden Cinnabar, Garnet Lapis and Ruby Sapphire.   This time she discovered another treasure trove in a pound shop, and sent me Diamond, another Garnet Lapis, and three mystery polishes! Look!
prisms new
Aren't they gorgeous!? L-R is Garnet Lapis, Mystery No1, Diamond, Mystery No2, Mystery No3.

This is Mystery No1. We think it may be Golden Tourmaline, but we're not certain.  
prisms mystery 1
This is Mystery No2. We think it may be Lavender Sky.
prism mystery 2
Look what happened when I opened this one though!  No brush at all! I dug around in the bottle with a cocktail stick, and out came a partially decomposed and tangled ratty bundle of brush hairs, like some kind of shiny pearly dead beast. It was a bit gross. But I can use a different brush (maybe an old one from an empty bottle of Seche Vite) for this, so no harm done.
prism mystery 2 oops
Mystery No3 is the one on the end of the line in the first photo. Probably Lavender Pearl? 

Anyway, on to actually wearing one, yay!  This is one coat of Barry M Silver Foil, with two coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Diamond.  Diamond is very thin and a bit watery, but goes on very smooth and dries well.  In normal non-direct light, it all looks a bit dull, doesn't it?
prisms diamond dull light
But just you wait! Look at it in sunlight!
prisms diamond 4
I mean - LOOK AT IT!
prisms diamond 3
Isn't it pretty?
prisms diamond 2
Sorry, did I say pretty? I mean WOWSERS, LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUSNESS!!
prisms diamond 1
Needless to say, these photos come nowhere near showing how amazing it looks in real life. It is a mega sparkly, shiny holographic layer of awesome all over my fingers.  I need to try it over some dark colours next and see what happens.

This is my entire Sally Hansen Nail Prisms collection.
prisms all 1
L-R Blush Diamond, Ruby Sapphire, Mystery 1, Garnet Lapis, Diamond, Mystery 2, Mystery 3, Garnet Lapis, Golden Cinnabar.


  1. WHY did they discontinue them? They're fabulous.

    1. Because they are FULES and IDIOTS? Or possibly because they contain stinko chemicals? I dunno.

  2. Yay! Awesomeness. Though that brush situation is odd. I haven't even opened the packages of half the ones I've kept, so I'm a bit nervous now, eeeep. I did tell you Diamond is the most awesome nail polish in the entire world, ever, didn't I? I have a plan on Friday to hit up another pound shop that tends to have the same stock, see if they've got any lurking on their racks. I could make my millions, you know!

    1. I don't think the brush thing will matter too much. I may just decant it into an empty Seche bottle, clear out all the hairs and maybe put it back in. I may need to filter it somehow too actually. I'm sure it'll still be fine.

      Oh god. Don't buy more! Unless you see some other REALLY good ones.

    2. I might find you a purple diamond, which is lush, or garnet mandarin, or or or or or! There's about 40 in total, we've got a long way to go!

  3. LOL @ your description of a "ratty shiny pearly dead beast".
    Diamond... OMG! *drools* That is GORGEOUS! SO perfectly named!
    I'm looking forward to your swatches of Garnet Lapis too. =)

    Mystery #1 could be Ruby Diamond...
    Mystery #2 looks like my bottle of Lapis Amethyst...
    Mystery #3 looks like PInk Opal to me.

    Have you ladies seen this guide to Sally Prisms?
    It's what I'm using to guess here...

    @squeakymom -- Buy more! Buy more! Swap! E-bay! You name it! LOL! ;-)
    Oh and hiiii! *waves*

    1. It's nice isn't it!

      Garnet Lapis is one I swatched a few times and made jewellery with, but for some reason my links in my post aren't showing very well - I'll edit and make them more visible.

      Yes, NailXchange is great, isn't it? Lorraine is already friends with her! I know she's receiving some of the find as well.

      I definitely don't think 1 is Ruby Diamond, that looks very pink to me, and my mystery is much more orangey/red in real life.

      Lapis Amethyst looks very blue on NailXchange, and my bottle is very pale, with a blueish lavendery tinge.

      Pink Opal/Lavender Pearl is a close one! My bottle definitely is more lavender than pink though, hard to tell from the photo but it doesn't look pink in most lights.

      Looking at my two Garnet Lapises, I'm not sure that the newest one actually is Garnet Lapis, as it's not identical to my first (which is labelled). New 'garnet lapis' also looks very like Turquoise Opal.

      The bottle which I have that is marked Ruby Sapphire doesn't look anything like the Ruby Sapphire bottles online. I'm wondering if it's something else.

  4. This collection is the mystery that keep on giving. LOL!

    That's just what my bottle of Lapis Amethyst looks like, just as you described.
    I really should swatch it. I tried when I got it, but I could never find any suitable 'underwear'. Maybe I should just give up & wear it naked. ;-)

  5. Your Ruby Sapphire is in a painted bottle, so it does look a bit different. Mine's in a clear bottle, and I compared the polishes, they do look the same on the brush. They're labelled and from Stash #1, so I don't have any massive doubts about their identity. There's a few that have variations & painted bottles, just for confusion.

    How strange with the Garnet Lapis though. Mine is labelled, and again they looked the same in my hand. If it's TO, all the better, a different one for you to play with! I can see what you mean about it, I have slight doubts about mine, but I'm looking forward to trying it out. You'll have to swatch them next to each other to compare!

    I agree about the Lapis Amethyst/Lavender Sky one, it's a lot paler than LA looks on Nail Xchange, the colours are usually very true ont he others, which makes me suspect it's LS.

    LP is a perfect match to the LP bottles I've seen, and it's got that odd green flash, which is really hard to pick up with the camera. I nearly didn't grab this, it was so separated & I thought it was another Diamond, until I shook it & saw the green & thought "oooh"

    1. I think I'm going to have to get swatching!

  6. I just found a Nail Prism, and it looks remarkably like your Mystery #3.
    It's labeled as "Lavender Pearl", and it has a printed code (not a label) on the bottom "6JKMKC". Hope it helps. =)

    1. Ooh, thanks, I'll do some more investigating.


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