Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Studded Denim

Another part of my Born Pretty shopping splurge were various sizes and shapes of studs (click here for link to store) but I'd not got round to using them until now.
denim + studs 2
This is two coats of Barry M Denim (a colour I really like - it applies incredibly smoothly and evenly to a gorgeous matte blue with silver shimmer, which comes alive with topcoat) with the 2mm square gold studs.  I added a coat of topcoat to each nail, then added the studs with a toothpick, and then when everything was dry, added another coat of topcoat to seal it all in.
denim + studs 1
I was really pleased with this. So far it's lasted for over 36 hours and is still going strong, and none of the studs have fallen off - or more importantly, been picked off!


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