Sunday, 16 December 2012

American Apparel - Jupiter. It GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Yesterday I was in Manchester doing some shopping, and in Selfridges I could SMELL NAIL VARNISH! I stumbled upon a whole stand of American Apparel nail varnish, which I've never seen before. This is Jupiter, which is a glow in the dark!
jupiter 3
First I started with a base of Missguided's Missmatch. This orange creme was part of a big swap with my friend Squeakymom. I've never heard of Missguided before, but on googling, I think they released some polishes as free gifts with Cosmopolitan earlier this year.   Missmatch is an orange creme. This is two coats. Application was fine - it was nothing special, but there was nothing wrong with it. 
jupiter 4
I then added a coat of American Apparel Jupiter. This was a fairly thick formula, a little on the gloopy side. It dried well though, with a slightly mattish texture which I like.  The colour was slightly paler than my base colour, so it did tone it down a touch.
jupiter 1
And it really does glow in the dark! I was a bit surprised that it glows a ghoulish yellowy green rather than orange, but it glows very distinctly and for quite some time. It's very VERY hard to photograph though!
jupiter 2
I love this! 

I found American Apparel in Selfridges Manchester for £7 per bottle or 3 for £17.


  1. I can't see it really really well on my phone screen but I can see the bottle shape and knowing how difficult it is to photograph anything in just low light even, it must glow like a glowing thing in Real Life.

    I miss nail varnish. Several of my nails have taken it upon themselves to snap clean off right to the bottom of the white bit so I'm waiting for them to grow. HURRY UP NAILS IT'S SPARKLE SEASON.

    Also, I might get myself an account here just so I can post as a real person for a change. (a real person with a made up name, obv)

    1. Yay account!

      Yes, it does glow like a big glowy thing.

      You need to paint your nails anyway, even if they're short. BLING BLING ALL THE WAY!

  2. It's more that they don't match at the moment because I can't bring myself to make the others THAT short (feels weird). I want to wear nail varnish at Christmas though, so I will.

    I can see your glow in the dark nails much better on a computer screen! And having seen your China Glaze Cast A Spell on a PC screen too, it looks much less like Thing. (LOADS more gold sparkle in it)

    I don't have an account yet.

    1. Oh I see, still YAY for painting at CHristmas.

      YAY for seeing better! I spent a good half hour under the duvet wiggling my fingers last night.

  3. So. Much. Want. I spent the whole Hallowe'en polish season hunting for glow in the dark, and couldn't find any. Clearly Manchester is the place to be.

    You could be right on the Missguided, I really can't remember where it came from.

    1. The obviously had a slot for a yellow one too, I'd have got that as well.

      I wanted the China Glaze glow in the dark one but couldn't find it anywhere. I did find a kiddy one for £1 in Sainsburys, but it didn't work.

  4. Glow in the dark nail varnish? That is SO. COOL. :D

  5. I have a glow in the dark polish, and I thought it didn't work. Until the 2nd time I wore it. I was in bed, in the middle of the night... I rather scared myself. ^_^


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