Friday, 7 December 2012

Barry M Christmas Limited Editions - Round 2!

After yesterday's post of the Superdrug limited editions from Barry M, today I am wearing the two Boots limited editions.  On the bottles these are called BLE 2012 A and BLE 2012 B, but on Barry M's Facebook they're called Christmas Gold and Christmas Pink.
boots limited edition a+b 4
Like the Superdrug versions, these come with a shiny, textured cap. They're only available as a free gift if you spend £6 on Barry M, they're not available to purchase separately.  This is two coats of Christmas Pink, and two coats of Christmas Gold on my ring finger.
boots limited edition a+b 1
Like the Christmas Blue yesterday, these are super shiny! Application was a little draggy, but after yesterday I'd learnt to paint this fairly thickly, so it was fine. The finish is really nice - the particles make the colour look foily and give the colour a bit of depth. 
boots limited edition a+b 2
Barry M have had a few dodgy releases in recent months (Web Effect, anyone? Urgh!) but I think these are really nice. I don't even need any more golds - I have dozens - but I can't resist this one.


  1. Love those! That pink looks to me like a Color Club foil. They look smashing on you! =)

  2. Ahh yay I'm so glad you swatched these, I saw them the other day and was in two minds about getting them, the pink is so pretty!

    1. I think they're really nice! If you can get hold of them, do!

  3. I had a peek at the Superdrug ones today, and managed to resist. Went into the little Boots in town, and they don't stock Barry M at all! Have to go to the other one now, that pink is lovely.

    1. The pink is really pretty isn't it? I found loads of them in Boots Sheffield, but they had a tiny display of other Barry Ms, so I didn't have a lot to choose from in things to buy to get my two free ones!


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