Thursday, 6 December 2012

Barry M Christmas Limited Editions

Barry M have launched four limited edition Christmas polishes this week - two in Boots (free if you spend £6, not available for purchase) and two in Superdrug, which are either free if you spend £6, or available to buy for £3.99 each.  Here I have the two Superdrug colours.
superdrug limited edition a+b 3
On the bottles, they're labelled 'SLE A' and 'SLE B', but on Barry M's Facebook page, they're called Christmas Blue and Christmas Glitter. 
superdrug limited edition a+b 1
This is two coats of Christmas Blue, with Christmas Glitter on my ring finger. Christmas Blue is an icy foil metallic blue, with lots of shimmery particles. Application is a little draggy - too thin a coat does drag and leave bare batches; I found a thicker coat went on more smoothly.
superdrug limited edition a+b
Christmas Glitter is a clear base (rather thick, and very smelly!) with lots of tiny blue and green glitter, and larger pieces of blue, green and reddish fuschia glitter. I love how sparkly it is!
superdrug limited edition
I really like both of these.
superdrug limited edition a+b 4
The bottles look great, with the textured foil caps (so shiny!) - the display in Superdrug looked so pretty!  The limited editions in Boots were all gone in two stores I looked in this week, although I managed to find some in the third, so i think these are pretty popular!


  1. oooh they look so sparkly!

    I managed to get the Boots ones (yay!) but I haven't been able to find the Superdrug ones yet. I NEED the Christmas glitter :)

    1. I think that officially, the Superdrug ones were only released yesterday (although I found my blue one on Sunday for some reason).

      The glitter is really nice - it's not quite like any others I have. Let me know if you find it!

    2. I found the Superdrug ones yesterday - yay! I'm loving the Christmas Blue, it's not a festive colour in the slightest but I do love my blue polishes :D

    3. Yay! Well done. It may not be festive, but it's certainly wintery - it makes me think of ice and snowflakes.

  2. thi looks liek a really unusual nail polish colour but really nice and sparkly!

    also, i just nominated you for Blog Your Heart Out - check the link for the details :)

  3. I love the glitter and the blue looks great too, a bit sad I didn't get that one now!

    1. I'm sure there are some left... you probably need some...

  4. That's a lot of shiny, glittery goodness right there. ♥ Tis the season!

    1. No! No no nonononono tis NOT the season! Not for at least another two weeks. :p


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