Monday, 31 December 2012

Claire's Accessories Nail Pearls

These are Claire's Accessories version of the caviar mani - Nail Pearls. These are normally £5, but I got these on a 2-for-1 a few weeks ago.
claires pearls 4
These come in a tiny bottle with a teeny weeny cute little funnel for putting the spare beads back in afterwards. I tipped the beads out into the plastic wrapping, and dipped my wet nail in. 
claires pearls 1
Here are the black beads with Illamasqua Scorn. I love Scorn - this is one coat. I love the rubbery satin finish.  I also really like how the black beads look like those jelly blackberry sweets you can get, the ones with teeny tiny crunchy balls all over them.
claires pearls 2
I wasn't happy with just the black though, so I painted alternate nails gold (Barry M Gold Foil) and added the gold beads. 
claires pearls 6
I like how these pearls are very tiny. The beads I've tried previously (MUA) were a bit larger and bulkier.  These are a lot neater and less lumpy.
claires pearls 3
What do you think?


  1. I'm Unconvinced on the caviar nails thing, I think they'd drive me crazy!

  2. They're cool, the gold is surprisingly restrained though. I'd kind of like to see a proper blingy shiny gold pearl mani.


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