Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Zoya Kissy

This is Zoya Kissy, one of my many nail-related Christmas presents. Kissy was part of Zoya's 2011 Christmas collection, and it's been on my wish list for more than a year!
kissy 4
This is one coat of Kissy over a coat of Opi's Be a Dahlia Won't You?  Kissy is a glitterbomb full of tiny bright pinky red glitter, plus lots and lots of bright pink bar glitter and some silver holo bar glitter. 
kissy 2
I was overexcited on Christmas day, and slapped on three coats of Kissy over bare nails. It looked incredibly sparkly, but was the roughest finish ever and needed four coats of topcoat to even begin to feel bearable. It was a nightmare to remove too!
kissy 1
Layering this over a base was much easier! It still looks pretty much as sparkly, but without being quite so topcoat hungry. This is still two coats of topcoat though, as Kissy does dry with a very rough (and matte) finish. It's quite fiddly to apply, as you do have to be careful that the bar glitter doesn't overhang the edge of the nail. 
kissy 5
I think it's worth it though, don't you? It's so sparkly and so pretty. I love the depth you get from the different glitters and shades of pink. I really like how tinselly this looks too.   


  1. It looks like tinsel its fab!



  2. This is on my internal wishlist as well - I'm not allowed to add nail polish to my real Amazon wishlist because *someone* gets cross.

  3. Oh this is totally gorgeous *swoons*

  4. Gorgeous!! I need some Zoya polishes in my life :D


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