Saturday, 1 December 2012

Models Own - Snowflake

The latest Models Own collection is the Wonderland collection. I didn't buy most of them because they don't look all that unique to me. However, I did pick up Snowflake, because I don't think I have anything quite like it, and it looks so pretty in the bottle.

This is two coats of China Glaze For Audrey, with Snowflake over the top.  I can't call this a coat of Snowflake, because it's not that kind of polish...
snowflake 1
I have to say - this STINKS. The smell is absolutely abysmal. Worse than the Mirrorball collection, worse than W7 polishes... I think it may be the worst smelling polish I've ever met.  Because the mylar flakes are so big and unevenly shaped, they're also very bulky, which means that the polish is quite thick and gloopy. You can't really paint it on (well, you can, but the flakes all either drag right off, or clog up in a big clump on the tip of the nail) so you have to sort of dollop it out and spread it around, and fish for the flakes. 
snowflake 2
The flakes are pretty - depending on the light, they're a mix of clear-white-gold in colour. Over For Audrey, they've got a greeny blue tint, but trying this out over other colours shows that Snowflake does vary a lot. I think this looks pretty, but it did need three coats of topcoat to even out the rough feel, and even then I have a couple of flakes that are still sticking up out of the nail, despite me trying to push them down with a cocktail stick, and then to glue them down with topcoat. I'm not keen on the way this feels, and I can still smell it, hours after it's dried. 

So overall, I'm not as impressed with the real thing as I was by the bottle.


  1. This looks so pretty it's a shame that its a rubbish formula and application :(

    1. I suppose it's more AWKWARD than rubbish. Maybe it's worth persevering, haha!

  2. Covered in Diamonds is like that too, it's a bit of a nuisance to apply, but so pretty. FTry it on top of something dark, mylar tends to be amazing then.

    1. I have played around over dark colours, and it does look amazing, that's true. I will have to put it on properly and take some photos.


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