Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Baby Bellini & Fantasy Fire

Yesterday I wore Rimmel Baby Bellini to work, and it lasted really well. No chips or peels or anything. As it was still looking good, I added Max Factor Fantasy Fire, which I wore to work today.  These photos were taken after a full day's wear.
baby bellini + fantasy fire 3
This is two coats of Fantasy Fire over two coats of Baby Bellini. You can see Baby Bellini on its own in Monday's post, which is here.  I've posted about Fantasy Fire before, where I've worn it over black, blue and various other colours (see here) but not over purple.
baby bellini + fantasy fire 2
I absolutely love how this looks over purple! Baby Bellini was already quite shimmery, but Fantasy Fire adds a real boost of shimmery sparkles, and a firey red colour in certain lights and angles.

The first two photos are in bright direct light, but the second two show the combination in a low light - this was with my bedside lamp.
baby bellini + fantasy fire 1
I love how it looks here!
baby bellini + fantasy fire 4


  1. That last picture is stunning. Fantasy Fire is so tempting to paint over the top of everything, isn't it?


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