Monday, 28 January 2013

Rimmel Cocktail Colour in a Flash

Today I have the new Rimmel collection, Cocktail Colour in a Flash to show you.  I don't often wear or buy Rimmel, as their colours just seem a bit ordinary to me. They're fine, lots of decent colours and a decent formula, but rarely anything to get excited about.

There are three colours in the new Cocktail Colours collection: Shirley Temple, Baby Bellini, and Hawaiian Punch.  The label describes these as "One coat nail polishes. Dries in less than 60 seconds."  Firstly, these are NOT one coat colours. One coat was very sheer on all of these, and on the purple (Baby Bellini) also very streaky. These swatches are all two coats.
shirley temple 1
This is Shirley Temple, a bright orange glass fleck polish. This is a much paler orange than many of my other orange polishes, but still nice and vibrant.
shirley temple 2
Next up is Hawaiian Punch, a bright fuschia pinky red. It is definitely more pink than red in real life, but it is leaning red in the photos, which I can't capture easily in photos. 
hawaiian punch 1
I think this is pretty, and the sparkle is nice.
hawaiian punch 2
Last is the purple, Baby Bellini. I don't understand this name at all! Bellinis are a pretty pale peachy colour, not purple!  I think this is my favourite of the three. 
baby bellini 1
I don't have as many purple polishes as I do orange or red/pink, so maybe it's more unique in my collection.
baby bellini 2
These are all pretty, and the glass fleck is sparkly and quite pronounced. However, I just don't think they're that unique. There are plenty of other, better, glass flecks out there, and I have colours that are similar (but nicer) than these, such as China Glaze Riveting, or OPI Be a Dahlia Won't You... These are cheaper, and more easily available in the UK (these are £3.99 each i Boots, and are currently on 3-for-2) so they may well be a better option for many people. I think they're pretty, and I'm sure I'll wear them, however, I'm really not blown away by them.


  1. Wow these look fab. My fav is Shirley Temple.

    1. Thanks!

      I wore the purple all day today, and it did look nice.

  2. The purple is almost the colour of a Cadbury's chocolate foil. I might want to eat my hands slightly too much!

    1. Wait til you see it with Fantasy Fire over it!

  3. My favourite is the purple too, although the Hawaiian Punch does look lovely and sparkly :-)

    1. The purple has worn really well - two days now and it looks perfect.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think these are growing on me - I wasn't hugely impressed to start with.


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