Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bright Skittle

I have been really struggling to have any any inspiration for my nails recently. I've not painted them as much as usual, and the last three times I've done my nails, I haven't even bothered taking photos. No real reason, just feeling as though I've lost my nail mojo temporarily.

However, yesterday I saw this photo by Julianne Hough on Twitter, and I loved the way the colours look together. So I decided to put them on my nails!
bright skittle 1
I'm wearing Barry M Yellow, Satsuma, Blood Orange, Shocking Pink and Bright Purple.  The yellow is a touch streaky, but as it was only the little fingers, I left them as they are - it's not too obviously streaky in real life.
bright skittle 2
On a misty, grey, miserable Tuesday at work, these kept me as cheerful as nails can. I like how bright and zingy they are.


  1. Lovely. Bright Purple really sets the others off.

  2. Oh my gosh-- how we mirror each other without knowing it!
    I've felt the same way about my nail blog, haven't but tweeted the last 2 manis.
    Then the foot/dance thing! My right foot has been paining me too.

    We must stop this, really we must. ;-)

    1. Haha!

      My foot's more or less better now - maybe yours will follow?


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