Saturday, 26 January 2013

China Glaze - Stone Cold

I've had so little nail mojo recently. I've painted my nails, but nothing exciting and I haven't taken photos or blogged (sorry!)

This is what I wore yesterday. This is China Glaze Stone Cold, from the Hunger Games collection. I have posted it before, but only as part of another mani with other colours, so I thought I'd post it on its own.
stone cold 1
Stone Cold is a dark granite grey. There are speckles of lighter and darker grey in there, so it's not one solid colour. This dries with a slatey matte finish, which I really like. This is two coats, obviously without topcoat.
stone cold 2
I like Stone Cold, I've worn this a few times now. Application is easy, and this dries fast and lasts well.
stone cold 3


  1. Wow, this is a fab colour, something a bit different to what I would wear but I`m going to look out for it now!

    1. It looks really good with topcoat too - you can see all the different colours in there. Plus it looks great with a contrasting nail/stripe/half moon or whatever in something like pink or red.


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