Saturday, 26 January 2013

Half Moon Mani - Kleancolor Salsa Much

This is one of my American swap polishes, Kleancolor's Salsa Much. 
salsa much 4
I'm wearing it as a half moon over Nails Inc Colville Mews, a pale yellow-toned nude. This is two coats of Colville Mews, and two coats of Salsa Much, with topcoat.
salsa much 1
Salsa Much is a clear base with lots of tiny glitter in shades of red, gold and some blue. The glitter is very fine, and ends up leaving the look of an overall pinky red colour. 
salsa much 2
Salsa Much is ok - it isn't as sparkly as I would have expected it to be, and it ended up looking a bit underwhelming, to be honest. 
salsa much 3
I think wearing it as a half moon makes it marginally more interesting than just on its own... but I'm still not blown away. Maybe I need to wear it over black or something?


  1. Yeah-- Salsa isn't a sparkly-type glitter. I say it's more of a "what color is that" effect. But I like colors that do that. =)

    1. I need to find a better way to wear it.

      I'm sure that 90% of my disinterest is just my blah mood.

  2. love it that you used the half moon effect and not just the whole nail in glitter, somehow it makes it stand out more when you can see a contrast :)

    1. Thank you! I didn't really think it through to be honest, I just went for it because I was bored of doing my whole nail, but I think you're right.


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