Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rainbow Nails - Oops

I love seeing rainbow nails on other blogs. I love how bright and vibrant and happy they are. I've been keen to do my own for ages, but was put off by the thought of them being fiddly...

HA! They weren't just fiddly, they were ridiculously fiddly, and I only did my ring fingers!  I like that these are bright and happy, but oh dear, I do not like the untidiness of the lines. 
rainbow 2
I didn't use tape; I tried to freehand these. I should not have done!  Oh well. They look fine from a distance, but I am not happy.  
rainbow 1
I used Barry M Cyan on the plain fingers, and the rainbow is made up of Gelly Blood Orange, Block Orange, Bright Yellow, Spring Green, Cyan, Cobalt and Bright Purple (over a white base). 


  1. oooo I love rainbow nails! The colours you've used look great together - it was worth it just for the shot of the rainbow Barry M line up!

    Also I'd forgotten how great Barry M Cyan is, it's a fab colour :)

  2. I always want to try this but don't have an exact array of rainbow colours.

    Well done for trying! They are straighter than my freehand lines would be.

    1. Thanks! I'm determined to get the lines cleaner next time.

      I don't think the exact colours matter too much - I've seen lovely rainbow nails out there with all sorts of different colours. I just have far too many Barry Ms!


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