Sunday, 10 February 2013

Jade Holografico - Mystic Gold

This is the second of my wonderful purchases from the fab Sally Magpies (click here, but don't blame me if you overspend!) When I was shopping, this was the only colour in the Jade Holografico range that was in stock, but now it looks as though all the others are back in, so I'm soooo tempted to get the rest!
jade mystic gold 8
This is two coats of Mystic Gold, with no topcoat.  In ordinary indoor light it's a pleasant enough gold:
jade mystic gold 9
but get it outside (not that we've had much sunlight today) or in bright light, and oh wow!

jade mystic gold 7
This photo was taken with the flash of my phone (a bright, pure white light):
jade mystic gold 5
Application is smooth and even, and is opaque in two coats. It dried well and seems solid and hard wearing - so far I've had it on all afternoon and have been typing and doing washing up with no chipping or wear yet.
jade mystic gold 3
I love this colour! I'm a fan of gold anyway, but gold holo? On a dreary, wet February day? Yes please!
jade mystic gold 1
Jade is a Brazilian brand, which is a bit hard to get hold of in the UK. I'm thrilled that Sally Magpies stocks the range, and will definitely be buying some more. These sell for £6 a bottle (8ml, so quite small) but I think it's well worth it, for how gorgeous they are!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, isn't it? I now want all the others! There's a black one, and a red one, and a purple one. And pinks. Blue. Green. AAARGH!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Did you have to use an aqua basecoat?

    1. A what? So no.. just my normal basecoat. Aren't you supposed to?

    2. Some holos don't apply right unless it's over a naked nail, or a water-based basecoat.

      I don't understand why that's so, but that's the case with some brands.

    3. Ooh. Interesting. I've never heard of an aqua basecoat, much less seen one! We're backward over here. Anyway, this one worked fine, thank goodness!

  3. That is stunning! Far better than the promo shots, think I might need that one myself (along with the black, and probably one or two others!)


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