Saturday, 9 February 2013

Layla Bubbly Effect - Black Forest

Do you know about Sally Magpies yet? If you haven't, you really should! This UK online shop sells all sorts of fancy overseas nail polish brands that we can't otherwise get in the UK, and at really good prices too.

One of the big hits of last year was OPI Black Spotted, which was a limited release in France only, as far as I can tell. This is Layla's Bubbly Effect, which is essentially the same thing, at half the price. The Layla range is also available in several colours, which the OPI isn't.  This is Black Forest.
black forest 1
I splodged lots of different colours on my nails (there's a mix of Barry M Satsuma, Blood Orange and Bright Purple, plus China Glaze Escaping Reality and Creative Fantasy) and then added Black Forest over the top. You have to add a very VERY thin layer, or the polish floods your nails completely. It's a very watery finish, and if it's applied thinly enough, it then bubbles all over to show your base colour.
black forest matte 1
After trying this glossy, I also tried it matte, which I think I prefer.

What do you think? Matte or glossy?


  1. I like it! That's my kind of weird. =)

  2. Oh wow, great find! This looks just like the swatches I've seen of Opi Black Spotted. I love the colours you've used underneath, it looks like you've done some fancy effect under there rather than splodges! I think I prefer the effect in the glossy, but they both look cool to me :-)

    1. I got it from here: (just don't blame me when you want to buy EVERYTHING!)

    2. OMG that website is amazing! Thank you (aaahhhh! I said I wouldn't buy any more Polish until Easter!) for sharing that :D

    3. Haha! I've got one of the Jade Holos to post later today. Oh my! Now she's got the others back in stock I'm so tempted to get the rest of them!

    4. I'm so tempted now I just can't resist Holos, they are beyond gorgeous!


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