Monday, 29 April 2013

aargh! plus giveaway apologies!

My laptop died over the weekend - scared cat + cup of tea + laptop is not a good combination!

My BPS post about the red bows was saved as a draft, so I have managed to post that from a PC at work, but I don't know when I'll next be able to post I'm afraid, as I have no way to edit or upload photos, and the Blogger interface on my phone is awful!

My Pedi-Sox giveaway has now ended - I'm sorry I couldn't get online at the time to sort it out immediately!  I will try to get into the Rafflecopter site this week so that I can sort out a winner and post it here. I haven't forgotten, it's just really really bad timing!

I'm really sorry! In the meantime, I am still on Twitter (@GingerElanor) although just to warn you, I will be a bit snooker-obsessed for another week or so!

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